A house concert is a very informal, usually acoustic ​concert in your home, for and by your favorite artist. The audience consists of all your friends and family, people who you believe will truly enjoy the show!

Scroll down for more info, including the steps you need to host your own!


How to host a house concert

A house concert combines great food, music, and drinks, and is usually a potluck-style event, so there is absolutely no pressure on you as as host!

Usually a house concert will last 70-90 minutes.

What do I need to host one?

  • An indoor or outdoor area large enough to hold at least 20 people

  • Chairs, couches, floor, etc. to accommodate all of your guests

  • An empty wall or corner area for Chelsea to plug in

  • A table for food and drinks

  • Another table for the artist to sell merchandise

  • Friends, family, co-workers and everyone else you'd like to invite!

Planning and Invitations

  • Coordinate with Chelsea Takami on a date that works for both parties.

  • Give your guests at least 2 weeks notice.​ Invite friends, family, and co-workers.

  • Tell your guests there is a suggested donation for the artist, usually $20 - $30, sometimes more; don't say there is a fixed ticket price!

  • Inform your guests that it's a potluck event (you can opt to do just dessert and drinks!) and ask them to bring whatever they'd like within your guidelines.

  • Give them the time and location of the event.

  • Tell them how to RSVP or donate in advance.

The day of the event

  • Clear the space where Chelsea will perform, near an electrical outlet. She will need 20-30 minutes to set up

  • Set up chairs, couches, or other seating in front of the artist's area

  • Set up a table for food and drinks

  • Set up a table where Chelsea can display her CDs and merchandise

  • Station someone at the door to collect the donations from the guests, as well as

    • Encourage them to sign in​

    • Direct them to the show area

    • Tell them where to put the food/drinks they brought

  • Chelsea begins her 1st set at the designated time

  • Sit back and enjoy the show!

  • Chelsea takes a 15-minute break while everyone gets some food and drinks

  • Chelsea performs her second set

  • At the end of the show, encourage everyone to support Chelsea by buying their music and merch!