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Chelsea Takami
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The emergence of Chelsea Takami's music could not have come at a better time. With today's world in constant flux, we need a message of honesty; timeless music that will remain true for years to come.

She is the artist who values freedom. Takami delivers honesty and meaning with natural rhythm, enticing melodies, great charisma, and an effortless open heart. She tells real, well-crafted stories that display a rare empathy.


Daughter to world-renowned Shotokan Master Toyotaro Miyazaki, Chelsea was expected to follow in her father's Martial Arts footsteps. Though it was a surprise to see her path unfold, it also comes as no shock at all that Takami carries his great spirit into a life of music and art.

Currently, Chelsea Takami is based out of New York, with frequent trips to Nashville and Los Angeles. She is available for house concerts, theaters, private parties, special events, wineries, and bars & restaurants.

"A powerhouse live performer, vibrant recording artist, exceptional songwriter, and a force to be reckoned with."

- Good Times Magazine

"Chelsea Takami is a smartly expressive singer whose gift for songwriting is on full display with her new EP Heart Wide Open"


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