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The emergence of Chelsea Takami's music could not have come at a better time. With today's world in constant flux, we need a message of honesty; timeless music that will remain true for years to come.

She is the artist who values freedom. Takami delivers honesty and meaning with natural rhythm, enticing melodies, great charisma, and an effortless open heart. She tells real, well-crafted stories that display a rare empathy.

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"One of the best female vocalists I've ever worked with. She's got a ton of soul and a ton of heart. The hardest working musician I ever came across. You wanna know how to make it in this business? Have her attitude. You wait - I guarantee, she's gonna be a star."

- Malcolm Springer, Multi-Platinum Producer, House of Blues Studios, Nashville, TN

"A powerhouse live performer, vibrant recording artist, exceptional songwriter, and a force to be reckoned with."

- Good Times Magazine

"Chelsea Takami is a smartly expressive singer whose gift for songwriting is on full display with her new EP Heart Wide Open"


"One of the area's most vibrant new artists; a rising star."

- Good Times Magazine

"Likely the hardest-working musician in the area."

- Good Times Magazine, "Top 10 Area's Hottest Artists"

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Chelsea Takami is accepting bookings for 2023.


To book Chelsea at your event, house concert, or festival, feel free to inquire at:


Phone: (516) 404-3882

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Carry U Around (Live @ The Mix Palace) - Chelsea Takami
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Carry U Around (Live @ The Mix Palace) - Chelsea Takami
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